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Welcome to my website.

Oppdatert: 30. jan. 2019

I would like to welcome you to my website but first, who am i? My name is Morten Fjellheim. I am 43 years, live in Norway, and i am adicted to blender and its community. I have been using blender since 2015, but i didnt get really into it until around the start of 2018. Originally i was looking for a good free video editor, my google search lead me to blender. It took some time figuring out what i had downloaded.

Lets not take the long tour, i started doing a few tutorials and things started by itself. After some time, it became clear to me that i wanted to learn more. I continued doing tutorials but in 2018 i started subscribing to cgcookie.

Now i want to use what i have learned to help others. Maybe there are someone just starting up who can need my tips, or maybe someone else.

I am going slowly, building it up bit by bit. This website is just a start. I want to see how well i can do this. If sucessfull enough, i will find a more suitable and permanent platform for this website. The websites look will change every now and then as i try different things.

So welcome to my website. Here you will find blogs and cg stuf mostly related to blender. This site is just starting out so please have some patience. Check back every once in a while to see if there something new.

If you want to you can register on this website. You can hangout and use the forum.

You can also comment on the blogs.

This site tastes better with a cup of cofee!

Sincerely Morten Fjellheim.

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