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How to learn blender completely for free.

Oppdatert: 11. mar. 2019

Have you just discovered 3D and blender, or have you known about it for a while but not really been interested? Then you might be wondering, since blender is free can i also learn it for free? You can, this blog will show you how. But before we start i want to point out, learning for free means going in to a dark room with sunglasses on! You dont know what you are looking for, and you dont know what you will find. Usually you have to plough through several tutorials, to get a fairly good understanding of the topic you are researching. I do not recomend this in any way. It`s a time consuming process that doesnt allways give results, and sometimes leaves you with more questions than before. Using a paid service will save you alot of time and frustation. If the artists that offer it are professional, they will know excactly what you need to know to get ahaed as an artist. That way you wont fall into the dark pit of despair and give up. In the list of free learning resources that comes with this blog, i have proposed a video that explains what taking a paid course can do for you as an artist.

So if you havent lost your faith, learning for free is far from imposible. With determination and motivation, you can do it.

Here is a few tips you can use on your way.

Using the internet.

The most obvious place to look is the internet. Unless you are meeting up with other atrtists, you will most likely be spending most of your time here. There is a huge number of websites and services you can acess for free.


Google is your friend. Just about everything you are searching for can be found using the search engine. For optimised effect you should learn how to use google search commands. That way you can more effectively search for spesific topics you want to learn more about.

Watch videotutorials.

Youtube has a large number of channels that offer free tutorials and/or cg and 3D related stuf. Youtube is your number one resource for free learning online. Search and subscribe to the channels you find. Take your time to look through the content of the channel before deciding if you want to subscribe. It`s important to not only go to the biggest and most known channels, but also to the smaller and not so well kown. Sometimes even channels with only a few subscribers can have stuf worth watching.

It might be a good idea to watch tutorials for other softwares as well. Other softwares will have spesifics that is different, but many things are transferable.

Though the most important, youtube is not the only websites that offers video tutorials. You will find some of them in the resources part of this blog. Link is in the bottom of this thread.

Reading textdocuments online.

Some websites offer documents for reading. They can be tutorials or related information. Not much to say except they are numerous and cover a wide area of subjects. The vary in quality though so be sure to take a good look at them first. The most important document is the blender documentation. The easiest way to acess it is through the help menu in blender. You can also google it.

Studying in public places like a library, is a good way to avoid getting distracted by other things to do at home!

Websites and forums offering support.

There is a huge number of websites that offer blender support. Amongst wich is "Blender artists" and a bunch of groups on facebook. If you register at more of them, you can get help when you are stuck or curious at a spesific topic. If used wisely you can ask at several of them, to doublecheck that the advice given are the same and therefore correct. Be aware that the quality of the answers you get may vary, and it might take time before someone replies.

Chat servers.

Learning alone can be hard, so why not join a chat server? There are many chat servers where you can chat with fellow artists and find friends. Most of them can be found on discord.

Other ways to learn.

We have covered the part where you get your information directly from a source, but there is ways to learn more effectively.

Inspect models by others.

One such way is to inspect other artists models. There is several ways and sites to do this. You can download them, inspect them on the website or just look at images of wireframes. The best website for this is sketchfab.

Take notes.

While you are ploughing through something you found you might come across information that is worth remembering. You can dedicate a file in "Word" or some other text rpogram for taking notes. If you get good at this you will decrease the time it takes to learn something, thus enabling yourself to move on.

Create your own learning resource.

This is both funny and inventive. You can download a free screen recording tool, and if you have a microphone you can be your own teacher. Research a topic intensively and record the tutorial. If you dont know how, simply google it. You can also use text in your videotutorial if you dont have a microphone, or do not want to speak. You can also make a texttutorial if you like.

Find a mentor.

Last but not least, you might want to find yourself a mentor. Someone who can critque your work and give you useful tips and tricks. It can be anyone, the most important is that he/she is a better artist than yourself. If you are a complete beginner, it might be a good idea to find someone not too many levels above. If they are way better than you, their help might actually do more damage than good.

Great Morten, but where can i find these resources?

It can be dificult to find learning resources if you dont know what you are lookig for. To make it easier for you i have put together a list of the websites i have found on my journey to become an artist. Some of them are the best and most know`n sites there is. It`s a long list so i have made a forum post. The list follows the same categories as in this blog!

Here is a link to the forumpost for websites and forums that offer support.

This is the first blog i have published. I am planning for more blogs ahaed, but if you want to you can register on this site and use the forum if you want to.

If you want to see more blogs like this, please support me on patreon.

After publishing this blog i have been confronted about all the youtube channels i have linked is not for 2.8. Let me asure you that 2.7 tutorials will be valid for a long time after the launch of 2.8. The market for 2.8 tutorials is suficient if your goal is doing tutorials. If your goal is to work in the 3D industry however, you should not exclude good tutorials because they are for a different version than you are using.

Just like between diferent softwares, alot of stuf between diferent blender versions are transferable. In fact, i stil watch tutorials for blender 2.4 if they are good enough.

When all that is said, i have planned to release a list of channels fand learning resources for 2.8 some time after launch.

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