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Nyeste innlegg
  • In this category we find a variety of websites, a bunch of facebook-groups and some chat-servers. Websites. The most important website to know about is "Blender artists". This is probably the main hub for blender users on the whole internet. The site offers a forum with an array of subforums for different purposes. There is subforums for diferent kinds of discusions, for support and tutorials to mention a few of them. You can also ask for someone to critique a spesific project you are working on, or one that is finsihed. Blender stack exchange. Stack exchange is a platform where groups can create their own question based forum . The "Blender stack exchange" is one such group. You can ask questions about everything blender. Blender reddit. The blender community on reddit has alot of users, you can ask for help or just upload something you want to show other artists. Facebook groups The number of facebook groups is many but these are the most important ones. You can do a search to find other groups than mentioned in this thread. Blender. By far the largest blender group on facebook. Probably one of the most important if you are looking for advice or help. Blender for absolute beginners. This is a group focusing on the beginner stage of learning blender. it is an active community with experienced members as well as beginners. Blender help for absolute beginners. Originally started by users that for different reasons didnt like the other beginner group, this group is i good alternative to the much larger group. Blender artists This is the group for the community on the "Blender artists" web site, on facebook. Blender 3D artists. Another group of a certain size! These are the sites i think to be the most important ones. If you know another site that should be on this list, please reply to the thread. Chat servers. Most chat server groups use discord. Amongst them, "Blender" is the largest and most active. You might remember "Blender" from the facebook groups, and this is the discord version of that group. But wait, there is another discord group with the same name! But dont get confused, they are two seperate groups with the same name. There is also the "Blender NPR" (non photo realistic) which focuses on renders that are not photo realistic. There are probably more of them, but these are the ones i know about. Places to find text documents I used to have links to many of them, but after an incident with my hardrive i lost most of them. There is one very important one though, the blender documentation. I am not providing the link, you can google it or find it under the help menu in blender. The documentation will not teach you how to be an artists, but you can learn all the technical stuf and how to use blender. I strongly recommend that you try it out once you get going. It is hard reading though, i recommend you get some experience using blender first.
  • Keep in mind the site is stil being worked on and it will be little content here for some time. I will keep working on it though, so if you want to be one of the first or even the first, go ahaed.
  • In the blog i talked about the usefulnes of buying courses or subscribing to learning resiurces, this video explains why. Most important youtube channels. Official youtube channel for blender. Here you can find free tutorials, a complete blender beginner series, blender shorts, recorded videos from the blender conference and more. If you are an absolute beginner you should go watch the beginners series. You dont need to watch the whole series to start modelling, watch videos in whatever order you would like. Cgcookies youtube channel. Probably the best channel i know about. They upload old courses that er not published on their subscription based website anymore. You can find something for all levels, and you would be a fool for not checking it out! Blender Guru ( Andrew Price) Andrew Price is one of the most well know`n blender capasities. His channel has free tutorials for all levels as well as interwievs and cg stuf. This is probably the most visited youtube channel for blender tutorials. Just like the beginner series mentioned above, this channels beginner playlists are another great place to start. ". Blender guru" is also a website with podcasts and articles about cg stuf. Cg Geek. A great channel with exciting tutorials and cg related stuf. There is also tutorials that takes on subjects that can be used with 3D modeling, like using greenscreens or video scanning. Gleb Aleksandrov. Gleb Aleksandrov is a know`n capacity in the blender community. His channel has tutorials, quicktips and related stuf. Nowadays he is creating courses for sale so he is not as active as he used to be. Nevertheless, he pops up with a video every once in a while. I consider his tutorials more advanced, but you can take a look at it and save for later. Tutor4u. This channel has free tutorials of different level. The tutor goes slow and explains as he advances. Its a must for beginners. It also has tutorials for other software like Gimp and Inkscape. Darrin Lile. While crating courses for sale, his channel is stuffed with great free tutorials. You can model a several character or a car as well as tons of other models. Cg Masters. While making courses for sale this channel has alot of good videos for different topics, as well as some modelling tutorials. A must for someone who are trying to find all the relevant stuff. MrSorbias Tutorials. "MrSorbias" create tutorials that follows the pipeline. He modells, then he does the shading and texturing and then the rendering. Not sure if i have seen any compositing but i wouldnt be surprised. Grant Abbit. A channel with a variety of topics. Modelling, shading and texturing, sculpting and more. Worth taking a look at unless you are way past the beginner/intermediate level already. Sardi Pax. Last on this list is Sardi Pax. Like Tutor4u this channel contains free tutorials of diferent level. Explanation is thoroughly done. These are the top channels that i recommend. There are more channels i want to show however. There are different reasons to why they are not on the top list. They might not have a high number of tutorials or they havent uploaded in a while. Here are a some channels that are too good to ignore. Blender for noobs This channel helped me alot when i was starting out. I considered putting it on the top list, but because there havent been new uploads in quite sometime i decided to put it here. Magna Omega I havent watched too many videos on this channel, but what i have seen is very good. There seems to be mostly timelapses, so if you are an absolute beginner you might want to avoid this channel for now. When that i said, if only for inspiration this channel is really worth it. Alimayo Arango. Not the channel with the coolest tutorials, but Alimayo has his own style. The tutorials are abit long, but who cares when there is soooo much to learn. This is a channel for those who needs things to go slow.
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